Invite Denise to your space for a directed, motivated web workout session. Listen to Denise as she directs your movements to stretch and work with natural resistance to strengthen you. She explains what is taking place and encourages you to be patient and persistent. The Alexander Technique of body alignment is the foundation for these unique workouts.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Get fit with low-impact funk aerobics, power walking, mini trampoline, and interval training. This class offers basic cross training to increase your BMI.

Funk Aerobics, Wednesdays 4:30- 5:30 pm, and Saturdays 10:30-11:30 am, Class is upstairs at the Dance Factory located at 5th and Washington. More Info/Register

Strength/Weight Training

Weight training balances cardiovascular workouts for all-over body health and strength. You will use your own free weights, tubes, bands, and body balls to help you reduce fat, increase muscle, and build a strong core. Each class is introduced with the tools used in the session (free weights, tube bands or body ball) along with alternative suggestions if you do not have these tools available. More Info/Register


This class is for developing and maintaining your ease of movement. Each session works the entire body along with a focus on breathing, balance, and relaxation. Classes are based upon the Kripalu style of yoga and incorporate the basic tenants of the Alexander Technique.

Yoga/stretch/Alexander Technique, Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 pm at the Let’s Move Studio located at 503 Sunnyside Drive off of River Road. Class space is limited! More Info/Register

Alexander Technique

One of Let’s Move’s most popular offerings is the Alexander Technique, which increases our awareness of the connection between head, neck and spine. By releasing unnecessary tension, we can improve our freedom of movement as well as our balance and coordination. Alexander Technique is useful for performers, athletes, office workers, and anyone who would like to improve the way they sit and move. The Alexander Technique is offered as a class (see Stretch/Yoga above), as well as private sessions. More Info/Register

East meets West

East meets West with movement, balance, strength, and awareness! Denise Thomas-Morrow blends alignment and breath work from the Alexander Technique, with variations on core and upper body strengthening exercises. This class also offers a unique exercise program that combines movement activities from evidence-based exercises or therapies aimed at promoting mental and physical functioning. Work on your gait, reduce stress, and breathe! Come take a class for all people who want to stay active no matter what health issues you are dealing with! Class is appropriate for all levels!

River Road Park District, 1400 Lake Drive, Eugene, Oregon. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 2-3 pm.

Chronic Illness/Mobility Challenged

These classes are for individuals working on improving or maintaining their balance and mobility. As we age, our joints are less fluid and muscles lose flexibility. Strokes and diseases like Parkinson’s restrict our movement. Denise has designed chair aided stretches and moves that result in improved flexibility and comfort. Pain reduction and feeling of regained physical control result from these classes. This approach was developed in conjunction with a medical doctor in a funded national research project. More Info/Register

Senior Wellness

Stay motivated by attending a Senior Wellness session! Learn how to increase your flexibility, increase your bone density, and keep your mind active. Exercises are designed so you can start in a chair, and then proceed to standing to work on your balance. Toning and core work are also included. More Info/Register

Senior Wellness at YaPoHa

Class is for all levels! Weights, bands, balls are used to make a well rounded class that strives to help with alignment, toning, hand eye coordination, and breathing! Class also includes work on gait and balance issues! A well rounded class for the folks who want to stay healthy and fit at what ever age! Come move and have fun!

4th and Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday 9 -10 am.

Healthy Movement for Kids/Young Athletes

Teaching kids about the benefits of movement with the understanding of alignment. The goal is promote a health and active understanding of body mechanics. This class is great for those involved in competitive sports, as well as those who just want to be active. Denise can teach kids how to be aware of their body use to benefit them in their lifelong understanding of body mechanics. More Info/Register

Individual Consultation

Have a chronic pain in a muscle? Denise is available for consultations via the web, or in person in Eugene, Oregon. If you have been seeing a doctor and have been released for normal movement, these sessions can be very helpful. Denise will make observations of the location of the muscle and the specific movement that causes the pain. Based on these observations, she will recommend exercises with explanations as to the reason for it. She will talk you through these exercises to be sure you understand the correct way to perform them and what exactly you should be feeling. More Info/Register

The classes are intended for weekly use — one session per week. Intensity can increase by increasing the frequency of the uses per week.