Healthy Employees

Employers may reduce their Workers Comprehensive Insurance rates by active participation in a Let’s Move Fitness Employee Plan. Participation in an active exercise plan involves employees thinking about their body and learning ways to move that reduce or eliminate pain at work as well as away from work.

Healthy Employees


Benefits to Employers:

  • Sends a message to their employees that they are important to the employer and that the employer cares about their health.
  • Healthy employees add to the bottom line by having fewer sick days.
  • Makes moving and lifting a topic of employee conversation, adding to a positive work environment.


  • Is individually tailored to the employer and the setting.
  • Includes group exercise — stretching and flexing — focusing on the muscle groups most used at work.
  • Includes individual muscle alignment sessions to relax muscles and provide individual attention and advice about ways to eliminate painful muscles.
  • Is a weekly event focused upon the employee.

Example: Pasta Plus is a pasta and pesto manufacturing company with less than 10 employees. In their search for cost reductions in this highly team-oriented production process they noticed that each day an employee was absent, their productivity was reduced significantly. Training replacements was expensive and the employee lost wages. The owners are committed to building the most efficient operation possible and knew that employees who were equally committed are essential. They felt badly when an employee hurt their self on or off the job. Let’s Move was called in to consult and propose a plan that includes a weekly hour exercise session coupled with discussion about what muscle is being worked on and why that muscle is being singled out for work. The following week each employee receives an individual session with a Let’s Move staff person for massage and individual encouragement.

Results: Pasta Plus has reduced it’s SAIF rate tier and Experience Modification due to reduced SAIF claims. The owners would rather pay Let’s Move for the positive experiences their employees have, which leads to greater attention by the staff to picking up items and reaching for their personal, more lengthy individual workouts with the Let’s Move bodywork session.